A Judgmental Person

To have an open mind is what a lot of people lack these days. They feel like their way is the ultimate way. Just because you do something a certain way doesn't mean everyone should act in that particular way. The world is filled with so many different personalities, different believes, different religions.

We must realise that no two people can ever be the same, they can only like similar things they enjoy or like or may have similar characters.

A judgmental person feels he/she knows it all. They look at you and feel like they know what you are all about, they feel like they know your personality by just looking at you. They tell everyone your business and mock you but funny enough they to, do the same things.

Yes everyone is entitled to their own opinions; freedom of speech. But some people take this too far.


I have many opinions, who doesn't. I have so many things I will like to share. I love make-up, Gossip, news about the world, I love God. There are so many things I will like to speak about; I am still figuring out so many things about blogging, how to design the blog, which you will notice it hasn't be designed at all.

A Learning Experience

Life is short, too short, have people around you that will impact your life greatly with love, laughs, jokes, understanding.

Friends who will listen, friends who will understand you, who will encourage you, not put you down, friends who will not hurt you, friends who are caring, friends who you can confide in.

Surrounding yourself with ambitious people is very important, because it will make you  strive to be the best, you wouldn't want to be the only one not successful so you will work as hard as them.

Setting goals may be a difficult task, you may think my goals are too many or are too few therefore they don't need to be written down. But they absolutely need to be written down so you look at them as often as possible. When you set your goals your main aim should be to try and achieve them but if you don't then you set them again the following year. Don't give up and you will see a change.

One thing I have learnt is not to look at another person and wish to be them. What you could say is that "I wish I could be as successful" then you look at the goals you set and work towards it.

Procrastination is a problem in any goal for achieving success. You may want to do something urgently but move it by saying "I still have time", when you remember it might be too late, this is the way people lose opportunities.